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More than 50 million American adults and children live with allergies ranging from hay fever to food allergies. The team of board-certified family medicine specialists at Health Solutions in Tinley Park, Rockford, and Flossmoor, Illinois, and Munster, Indiana, provides allergy testing and holistic treatment plans to reduce your symptoms and restore your overall health. Call Health Solutions, or schedule a consultation online today, for personalized therapy of allergies.

Allergies Q & A

What are allergies?

An allergy is a chronic health condition that occurs when your immune system mistakenly identifies a benign (harmless) substance as a threat and overreacts. These substances are known as allergens.

Your body releases immunoglobulin E antibodies to fight off the perceived threat. As a result of the antibodies, you have an allergic reaction. 

Some common allergens include:

  • Dust
  • Pet dander
  • Pollen
  • Medication
  • Food like dairy, shellfish, and tree nuts
  • Latex
  • Mold 
  • Insects 

Allergic symptoms also vary depending on your specific allergy and can affect any part of your body. For example, some common allergy symptoms include:

  • Runny nose
  • Sinus congestion
  • Sneezing 
  • Watery, itchy eyes
  • Skin rash or redness
  • Hives
  • Swelling (edema)
  • Bloating
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction that can be life-threatening. You experience several allergic symptoms simultaneously, and you might become short of breath, dizzy, or faint. 

When should I talk to a doctor about allergies?

You should talk to a doctor at the first sign of allergies. Allergies can change over time, and while some children might grow out of an allergy, it’s also possible for reactions to become more severe with age. Allergies can also exacerbate other conditions like eczema, childhood asthma, and other wheezing and problematic coughing.

The team at Health Solutions can diagnose your allergy or that of your child, provide treatment, and offer information to help you monitor symptoms. 

What is allergy testing?

Allergy testing helps the team at Health Solutions identify the specific substances that trigger your allergic symptoms. A skin test is one of the most common methods to identify allergies. Your doctor applies a small, diluted amount of a suspected allergen to your skin, and then monitors your response. They can test for several potential allergies at once, creating a line or grid of potential allergens. 

The doctor stays with you for the duration of your skin test to carefully monitor your response and quickly take action in the rare case of a severe allergic reaction. 

How are allergies treated?

The team at Health Solutions provides personalized treatment plans for allergies. They combine a variety of treatments, including avoidance strategies, medication, and alternative therapies. 

For example, they might offer nutritional and environmental counseling to help you avoid coming into contact with your allergens. They can also prescribe oral or topical medications to reduce your allergic reaction. 

If you’re concerned about allergies, call Health Solutions, or make an appointment online today, for expert diagnosis and treatment.