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Sciatica – The most common triggers

Have you been experiencing sharp, sudden pain on one side off your lower body? If so, there is a chance that you might be suffering from Sciatica. More than often, the pain starts from your back and extends down your leg. That’s one indication of the condition. So it’s important to get sciatica treatment in Illinois on time.

The lucky ones find the condition discomforting but not painful, although it does have the potential to get worse. But for others, the pain is downright debilitating. They can even find it difficult to sit or stand. With such pain ruining your life, how can you possibly function?


If you’ve been experiencing back pain, there’s a chance that it can be sciatica. It’s important to seek the right help before the situation gets worse. Here’s a list of some symptoms of the condition. Take a look at the list and if you’ve been experiencing any of these troubles get help from the experienced staff at Health Solutions.

Triggering Factors

There are a few factors that act as triggers of Sciatica Tinley Park, IL. If you have been experiencing the symptoms of sciatica recently, there are chances one of the following is the reason.

✓  Pregnancy

Carrying the weight of a child is not an easy task and almost all pregnant woman experience back pain. The added weight causes some strain on the lumbar spine and tailbone, and sciatica follows.

✓  Muscle Spasm

Have you been doing any heavy lifting recently? Sciatica is also caused when you sustain muscle injuries, specifically muscle spasms.

✓  Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

Mostly affecting older adults, lumbar spinal stenosis is a condition where the spinal canal starts to narrow. This causes lower back pain because the open spaces between the vertebrae start to get smaller. This condition can trigger sciatica.

✓   Degenerative disc disease/Arthritis

There are discs between the vertebra and they act as a cushion. They are the preventive agents that keep your spine safe in cases of shock. Unfortunately, degenerative disc diseases can destroy this cushioning effect. With the support gone, it’s no surprise that your spine health starts to deteriorate. And the end result of all this? A possible case of sciatica. So it’s important to get sciatica treatment on time.

Since the pain of this condition can be crippling, its important to take preventive measures and seek sciatica treatment. Take care of your spinal health and make sure youremain as active as possible. Your preventive actions will ultimately help you reduce the risk of sciatica.

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