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Radiofrequency Ablation Machine and Procedure in Focus

If you’re experiencing pain in the neck, lower back or pain in joints triggered by degenerative diseases like arthritis, then chances are, your doctor can suggest radiofrequency ablation. If you’re new to this term, then continue reading as we’ll focus on the radiofrequency ablation in detail in this post.

Radiofrequency Ablation—What is it?

A Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) machine is the equipment that is used in this procedure. RFA is is used by pain management doctors in Illinois and across the US to provide pain relief to patients suffering from neck pain, lower back pain and pain due to degenerative joints. The concept of RFA is to attack the pain associated with arthritis by temporarily cutting the sensory nerve to the joint causing pain.

The procedure begins once local anesthesia is administered. This helps reduce discomfort that the patient may experience otherwise during the RFA procedure. Once the local anesthesia is given to the patient, the area being worked on is numb but they are awake during the procedure.

Then the pain management doctor will insert a small sized needle into the targeted area where you are experiencing pain. With the help of X-ray images, the doctor will gradually guide the needle to the specific area.

Using the RFA machine, an electrical current is generated by radio waves. This current is then used to heat the targeted area of nerve tissues. This action helps decrease the signals of pain in that particular region, thereby alleviating pain.

RFA can provide pain relief lasting a minimum 6 months to 2 years or longer.

Studies show that over 70 percent of patients that have been treated with RFA have experienced relief from pain. The Radiofrequency treatment is well-tolerated and has very few complications. There is only a slight risk of bleeding and infection. However, if you get the treatment done from a highly-skilled and an experienced pain management doctor, those risks are very minimal.

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