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Invasive Techniques for Pain Management

Chronic pain in the back or the neck can be extremely painful.The most common causes of chronic pain are inflammatory arthritis, fractures due to accidents or sport related injuries, osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease, facet joint dysfunction, and sacroiliac joint dysfunction. To alleviate patients’ from chronic back or neck pain, specialists in pain management clinics, Illinois opt for invasive techniques. These techniques are safe, effective and proven.

Though pain management doctors in Illinois, use a variety of invasive therapies and techniques, however, we’ll focus on the most popular and effective ones:

Also called blocks, injections are used widely by doctors to relief patients from excruciating pain (often temporary). They are primarily injected to ensure direct delivery of anesthetics and steroids into targeted ligaments, nerves and muscles. As the anti-inflammatory solution is injected directly, the results are faster and more effective.

This treatment for pain relief is usually considered after the completion of physical therapy and medication course. Depending on the injection used, sometimes the pain relief may be temporary and sometimes long-lasting. For example, epidural injections provide temporary relief for both lower and upper extremity pain when caused in the spine due to a pinched nerve. These injections interfere with the pain message to the brain, thereby reducing the pain dramatically.

Also, injections are not only used for pain relief but also as a diagnostic tool. They  help doctors identify whether or not the injected area is the actual cause of pain.

This is a type of an injection procedure, which is predominantly used for treating injuries to connective tissue located in the musculoskeletal system. This technique is considered only if the patient has not been successfully healed by non-surgical therapies. These injections facilitate a healing response in weakened tissues with small tears. They are highly effective for back pain relief. Also known as sclerosant therapy, it is used for pain management as well as treatment of back and neck pain that may be caused due to spinal problems like whiplash, sacroiliac condition or degenerative disc disease.

This is a surgical pain management treatment that is used to direct mild electrical pulses to the area where you may be experiencing pain. It is used as a last resort. Electrotherapy helps reduce pain, repair tissues, improve circulation, and strengthen muscles. Simply stated, it helps improve physical functioning of the body.

It consists of a device that is powered by a battery and connected to adhesive electrode-pads by wires which are placed on the body. Once attached, it is switched on which helps pass mild electric current to the skin. Electrical currents aid in relieving pain and promote healing through nerve stimulation. They are used to address chronic fatigue and pain, and problems like diabetic nerve pain, migraine headaches and fibromyalgia.

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