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How to Get Relief for Your Allergies

How to Get Relief for Your Allergies

Even if you rarely encounter an allergen, having an allergy can pose a major inconvenience in your life or even put you at risk for a serious medical emergency. Finding a way to relieve your allergies is key to feeling carefree about what you eat, touch, and breathe in. 

Our experienced team of providers at Health Solutions specializes in all things allergy. If you’re not sure what causes your allergy symptoms, we provide allergy testing. If you’re sure and would like to find relief for your symptoms, we have you covered, too. 

The first step in finding allergy relief

The first and most important step in finding relief for your allergies is to find out what causes your symptoms. 

Allergens, the substances that cause allergic reactions, vary widely and include airborne substances, foods, metals, materials, and insect stings. If you get allergic reactions but don’t know where they come from, you can’t avoid the triggers. 

To help you discover your allergens and sensitivities, we offer allergy testing. Most of the time we use a skin test. We create a line or grid on your skin and place small amounts of various potential allergens in each section. Then we monitor your response. 

After we determine what you’re allergic to, we recommend ways to avoid your allergens. If your allergens are unavoidable, you need to consider other ways to find relief. 

Effective relief for allergies when they happen

At Health Solutions, our team of allergy experts finds that a combination of strategies works best for effective allergy relief.

There are medications available to ease allergic symptoms of all kinds. Medications like corticosteroids relieve inflammation, which tends to be a major cause of allergy symptoms like rashes and swelling. You can get them in pill form, topical form, or an inhaler. 

Antihistamines, another popular drug type to ward off symptoms of allergic reactions, work by blocking histamines, which are chemicals that your immune system releases in large quantities during an allergic reaction. 

In the event of a serious allergic reaction called anaphylaxis, you can use an epinephrine auto-injector to immediately open your airways and help you breathe before you visit an emergency room. You should carry it with you at all times. 

Not just medications

We may recommend alternative therapies for allergies alongside medications and avoidance. Some people find that regular acupuncture, for example, reduces the number or severity of their allergic reactions. 

If you’d like to learn more about reducing allergy symptoms, our physicians at Health Solutions are prepared to offer their expertise. Contact us to book an appointment. Our offices are located in Tinley Park, Rockford, and Olympia Fields, Illinois, and Munster, Indiana.

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