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Eczema – The Possible Triggers

Eczema is a non-contagious, inflammatory skin condition. It usually shows up on children before they turn 5, although it’s not unheard of adults and adolescents to get the condition. More than 60% of the patients usually experience the symptoms before age 1.

If your family has a history of allergic diseases, your child can be at risk of eczema. It is caused by exposure to certain allergic triggers and is often inherited.

Don’t worry though. The condition is treatable and will most probably improve as your child grows. Since it’s chronic, the symptoms can come and go over time. If you think your child has eczema, it’s better to get pediatric allergy treatment in Tinley Park, IL.

You as a parent would want to know how to control the condition since the itch caused by eczema can be severe at times. Your child’s sleep can also be interrupted by the intense itching that eczema can cause. The most difficult part is stopping your child from scratching their skin. Excessive scratching can lead to infections, and you wouldn’t want the hassle they can create.

Controlling Eczema

The best way to control eczema is to keep your child away from possible triggers. If you have no idea what the triggers are, book an appointment for pediatric allergy testing in Tinley Park, IL. Through an allergy testing, the clinician will determine the allergens that can trigger your child’s eczema.

Once you have a definite answer to the triggers, make sure to keep your child away from these triggers. If exposed to them, their eczema can flare and aggravate the condition.

Important Facts about Triggers

When eczema flares up, you want to control the flare. By taking care of your child’s skin, you can make sure the situation doesn’t get worse. Baths and moisturizers can help alleviate the condition and control the flare. Prescribed medicine is also a great way to control more severe eczema flares. By getting pediatric allergy treatment in Tinley Park, IL you can get the right resources to help your child.

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